Vesti Tatarstan was told how the largest cheese production plant in the republic operates under the conditions of sanctions

Azbuka Syra LLC is a successful example of an enterprise that offers a wide range of cheeses sold throughout Russia.

Within the framework of sanctions restrictions since 2014. alternative raw materials and equipment are being actively introduced, new recipes have been mastered, alternative logistics routes have been found.

Mamadysh cheese and butter factory is the production site of the company. Today it is a modern automated enterprise capable of processing up to 500 tons. milk per day and produce over 20 thousand tons of finished products per year. The key category is cheese. More than 20 varieties of cheese are produced in different packaging and weight options. The main raw materials – milk is supplied from the nearest farms, starter cultures of both foreign and domestic production are used.

In its development, the company does not intend to stop there and sees the entry into the top 5 largest cheese producers in Russia as a strategic goal.

The full report and production process is available at the link:

Вести Татарстан рассказали, как в условиях санкций работает крупнейший в республике завод по производству сыра

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